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Gabe Rios, PGA Professional

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PGA Golf Instructor Avondale

I teach golf lessons near Avondale in Chicago.

The reason I’m the right instructor for you is because I will help you remove life’s stress from your shoulders, free your mind from the chains of everday, and really let golf in. I am abundantly patient, an active and constant student of the game myself, and aware that for anyone to reach their full potential in golf, or anything for that matter, they must learn to truly love what they do for the sake of the journey and not for some delayed later satisfaction! While I know the technical aspects of the game are important, it is much more pertinent that you enjoy the process. I love this game and really pride myself on ensuring that every golfer that I get the pleasure of assisting with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained leaves our sessions together with a greater love of the game! Come stop by my private golf studio for lessons in Bucktown, just a short drive from Avondale.

29 Years Experience

A lifelong golfer and a PGA Pro for over 10 years, I can help you improve your game.

Private Golf Studio

Enjoy learning golf at my studio in Chicago, with the latest in golf technology.

Enjoy the Game

I’ll help you remove life’s stress, free your mind, and really let golf in.

Areas of Expertise


 – Technology –

Golf Lessons Avondale Chicago

Foresight GC2, The Only Green – Mackenzie 420, Mizuno Fitting System, Hudl Technique Video Analysis

The course is calling your name.