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The reason I’m the right instructor for you is because I will help you remove life’s stress from your shoulders, free your mind from the chains of everyday, and really let golf in. I am abundantly patient, an active and constant student of the game myself, and aware that for anyone to reach their full potential in golf, or anything for that matter, they must learn to truly love what they do for the sake of the journey and not for some delayed later satisfaction! While I know the technical aspects of the game are important, it is much more pertinent that you enjoy the process. I love this game and really pride myself on ensuring that every golfer that I get the pleasure of assisting with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained leaves our sessions together with a greater love of the game!

29 Years Experience

A lifelong golfer and a PGA Pro for over 10 years, I can help you improve your game.

Private Golf Studio

Enjoy learning golf at my studio in Chicago, with the latest in golf technology.

Enjoy the Game

I’ll help you remove life’s stress, free your mind, and really let golf in.


Gabe is one remarkable person, very personal and professional.

Gabe’s approach was much different, in that he demonstrated a great wealth of patience and worked at pace that was my speed.  His knowledge of the game is very good and he can explain things in such a way that make clear sense to me.  His rates are very fair and he will even work with you on packages that fit your budget and schedule, so that you feel you are getting the best for your investment!  I plan on inviting my wife to join as well and we can both benefit from Gabe’s coaching!

I plan on continuing my education of the game of golf through Gabe Rios and I highly recommend visiting his (new) clean, state of the art facility!

Mike J

Gabe is a great coach. My wife and I have been seeing him off and on since early Spring 2015. His rates are competitive, he offers different packages to fit your budget. Gabe is accommodating and he took us out to a golf course in the summer and it was great to play on the course with him coaching us. After watching you swing a few times he immediately knows what you’re doing wrong which is extremely helpful when trying to improve your swing.

He just moved his business to Damen Ave and the facility is great. The new facility has one extra area to practice as you wait for a lesson with the swing monitor.

Albert S

Gabe Rios is the man! Knowledge of the swing is insane. The fundamentals you can learn to apply based on his suggestions are incredible, they positively impact your swing lesson 1.

I had lessons with someone else in the past, and I ended up complaining and demanding a refund, so I was a bit hesitant at first to do any more lessons. Not with Gabe, I am now figuring out how many more I should get.

He has his own shop on Lester and Damen pretty much, it is great. 2 simulators, TV’s, a small kitchen to keep your beer and snacks. It is great, Gabe also likes to entertain groups coming in to play and will order pizza and make it a great time.

Vincent M

Gabe Rios is an excellent golf instructor. I have been taking lessons from Gabe for about five years now and my scores have steadily improved.  If you live in the city and you are thinking about taking golf lessons, be sure to give Gabe a call.

Gabe is very knowledgeable about the golf swing and he is a very patient teacher.  His teaching style is relaxed and highly personalized. Gabe goes out of his way to find out what your goals are and then develop a plan to get you there.  He is a PGA professional and knows all of the mechanics behind building a great swing, but he always makes sure to explain things in a way you can easily understand. I think he would be a great choice for someone who is just starting out in the game. I only wish I had met him earlier.

Joe C

Gabe has a gift of identifying golfers challenges! He was able to replicate my issue and showcase the way to improve immediately. He’s a great golf pro & all-around great guy!

I would highly recommend his instruction packages to anyone wanting to improve their game at any level.

Tim B

Gabe is a great guy, and does a great job as a swing coach. I have been to a few pros previously – I’ve found that Gabe is excellent at quickly diagnosing and correcting issues in the golf swing. It is very helpful to see your swing on video to see flaws and fix them. His space is comfortable and reasonably private, and his easygoing manner is appreciated.
I highly recommend Gabe to anyone looking to make improvements in their game!

Allan M

Gabe is awesome. I’ve gone to him the last couple springs and am playing the best golf of my life after working with him. I’ve dropped 5+ shots off my game consistently. He’s very accessible and flexible with his schedule. I highly recommend having Gabe as your coach!

John R

Single Lesson: $129

Become a
Passable Player

Learn the Basics
  • Initial Evaluation – Evaluate your self here
  • 5 lessons with Video Analysis and Simulator
  • 3 Practice Sessions with Simulator
  • Club Fitting

Become a
Consistent Player

Save over $450!
  • Initial Evaluation and Golf Set Analysis
  • 9 Lessons with Video Analysis and Simulator
  • 9 Practice Sessions with Simulator
  • On course Training Session

Become a
Scratch Player

Save $1,200!
  • Initial Evaluation and Golf Set Analysis
  • 18 Lessons with Video Analysis and Simulator
  • 18 Practice Sessions with Simulator
  • 3 On course Training Sessions

Become a
Golfing Legend

Save $3,000!
  • Initial Evaluation and Golf Set Analysis
  • 36 Lessons with Video Analysis and Simulator
  • 36 Practice Sessions with Simulator
  • 5 On course Training Sessions
  • Club Repair Service for a year
  • New set of irons

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Located at 2309 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.


Cancellations of attendance to an event, lesson, fitting must be made at least one hour before the start of the agreed upon time and at least 24 hours before an event (i.e. junior class, clinic, outdoor lesson). Failure to do so will result in the subtraction of the that event, lesson, or fitting from your package.


Once a lesson/series of lessons has been purchased, there are no refunds on any services offered by Gabe Rios Golf after 15 days from the purchase date. Clients who have a medical injury and can no longer golf, we will work with you on the outstanding lessons the client is no longer able to use. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Gabe Rios at (847) 372-0691 and we will work out the best method possible.